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Back to School Instrument Tutors

Instrument Tutors

Here’s a list of our most popular instrument tutors! These books are a fantastic way of getting started, whether you’re nine or ninety-five, working with a teacher or starting out on your own.

Many of these series are available for a wide range of instruments! Check out our selections for piano, strings, woodwind/brass/recorder & guitar below:

Piano Tutors

Alfred’s All-In-One Adult Course book:

Alfred’s All-In-One Adult Course: This fabulous volume encompasses lessons, theory and technique, moving on the adult beginner at an excellent pace. It’s everything you need to get started (or re-started) with confidence!

The Classic Piano Course book

The Classic Piano Course: This book is suitable for adults and gifted young people who wish to move on at a faster pace. It contains information on theory, technique and performance which is accompanied by a selection of classical and folk tunes to guide you along.

The Classical Piano Method book

The Classical Piano Method: Ideal for young people and adults looking to learn the piano from scratch, or for those returning to the piano. This book is unique in it’s focus on a traditional classical technique and is accompanied by repertoire solely from the classical canon.

Pianoworks  book

Pianoworks is a collection of repertoire suitable for an older beginner. This title is available in two volumes, covering grades 1-5. This is a wonderful resource for a musician who is jumping back in after a long break and wants to play for fun!

These books provide a fantastic structure for young children who are beginning piano lessons. These books are fun and colourful and often come in several volumes of increasing difficulty, designed to gradually guide your child through the basic elements of piano skills. Each tutor is a little different and everyone has their personal preference!

John Thompsons piano course

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course: This is our best-selling piano tutor! Available in multiple levels and supplemented by dozens of fun repertoire books, this is an undeniable classic, tried and tested by thousands of students the world over.

Hal Leonard Piano Lessons

Hal Leonard Piano Lessons: This series is very popular and is accompanied by a huge range of additional materials. There are books for theory, performance, repertoire and more!

Tunes for Ten Fingers book

Tunes for Ten Fingers: This is an excellent tutor for a young beginner, supported by games, theory, puzzles, and duets. A popular choice!

Poco Piano  book

Poco Piano: Poco Piano is a newcomer in the world of piano tutors but has quickly become a favourite. This series is excellent for a very young beginner as it’s extremely colourful and deliberate in it’s pacing – it also comes with it’s own stickers!

Me and My Piano book

Me and My Piano: A full colour adventure, full of games, puzzles and catchy tunes that children will enjoy exploring! Available in multiple volumes.

Chester’s Easiest Piano Method book

Chester’s Easiest Piano Method: This much-loved series incorporates pictures, games and activities with clear tuition which really makes children want to get involved and learn. This is an excellent tutor for the younger player, a clear step-by-step guide!

Piano Adventures book

Piano Adventures: This series is perfect for a slightly older beginner as it moves along more quickly. It is one of the more extensive collections of piano materials, supplemented with dozens of volumes which support further development for performance and practice.

Piano Time book

Piano Time: This is a wonderful series for an older beginner, featuring slightly more difficult repertoire and a quicker pace through the tutor. There are also dozens of wonderful volumes of repertoire available – from opera to pirates, you’re sure to find something to suit your young player!
String Tutors

Stepping Stones book

Stepping Stones: This title is the first in a series of early repertoire books of increasing difficulty. It’s available for both violin and viola (as well as cello) and is a very popular way to get your young player excited about their instrument!

Fiddle Time Series book

Fiddle Time Series: This fabulously fun series moves from starting, through jogging and into sprinting! Fiddle Time books are available for all stringed instruments as well as for larger flexible ensembles.

Viola Time Series available here!

Abracadabra book

Abracadabra is an undeniable favourite, available for most instruments across the orchestra! They run editions for suitable for a slightly older player for both violin and viola as well as a fabulous new series for the very young beginner which is simpler and more playful.

Vamoosh book

Vamoosh is a newcomer to the world of string tutors – it’s fast becoming a favourite, especially for the younger beginner. It’s colourful and clear, setting reasonable goals and using fun tunes to encourage new players to enjoy themselves!

Sassmanshaus Early Start book

Sassmanshaus Early Start: These books are wonderful classical basis for a young beginner, well paced and available in several volumes. They place plenty of emphasis on musicality and the individual choices of the student as they develop, something which is quite unique in a children’s tutor!

The Suzuki Method violin book

The Suzuki Method: This is as a tried-and-true classical method which is suitable for beginners at any phase, though Suzuki teachers often like to begin with children as young as 4. These books place emphasis on learning by ear, developing musicality before note-reading. Suzuki volumes are available all the way up to book 8, guiding students through their whole musical development.

Robert Trory’s Violin/Viola Playing book

Robert Trory’s Violin/Viola Playing: This is an excellent choice for an older beginner, especially a clever one who wants to move at a good pace. These books contain a mixture of classical repertoire and technical studies, encouraging quick progress and an excellent technical foundation.

Violinworks book

Violinworks is a new series focused on the older beginner/re-learner. This is a unique publication as it is a very comprehensive tutor aimed at self-study for adults. It covers a huge amount of technical information as well as repertoire and scales.

Cello Time: book

Cello Time: This series is fun and engaging – it’s an excellent way to encourage young players to enjoy their musical development! There are several books in the series, including scales and even ensemble music.

Vamoosh cello tutor book

The Vamoosh cello tutors are a playful and fun series for the early beginner, providing simple melodies and a gradual progression which supports development of excellent playing. This series is a newcomer but has quickly become a bestseller!

Piatti’s Method for Cello book

Piatti’s Method for Cello is a classic tutor which has supported thousands of students through their early years. This volume is suitable for an older player with a bit more experience. It focuses on excellent playing technique and the early development of shifting on the instrument.
The Suzuki Method Cello book

The Suzuki Method is one of the most popular schools of string playing in the world. Players are often started very young, although this series is suitable for any age range. Players learn using their ears and their natural musicianship, learning classical repertoire and folk songs focused on developing necessary skills.

Abracadabra cello book

Abracadabra is a very popular multi-instrument series which is suitable for sightly older beginners! It’s fun and colourful, using a wide range of repertoire and technical skills to make playing fun. These books can also be used in an ensemble setting.

Sassmanshaus Early Start cello book

Sassmanshaus Early Start series are wonderful for a young beginner. These books are a little more traditional, focusing on classical music and a firm technical foundation – the pacing is excellent and young players will find plenty to enjoy as they develop their skills!

Abracadabra double bass book

Abracadabra is a tried-and-tested classic, full of fun tunes and engaging material. Abracadabra is a multi-instrument series which can be combined or used for individual lessons.

Vamoosh cello tutor book

The Vamoosh books are wonderful for a younger beginner, full of illustrations, games and accessible tunes. This is one of our best-selling double bass books and is available in a progressive series!

Bass is Best book

Bass is Best comes from a special double-bass only publisher – this is a unique tutor, designed by bass players for bass players. It grapples with the unique challenges of the double bass and encourages an excellent technical foundation for quick progress on this unusual instrument!
Woodwind, Brass & Recorder Tutors

Boosey Woodwind tutors

Boosey Woodwind tutors are a popular series for the older beginner, often used in schools and ensemble settings as well as personal learning!

Available for
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon and Alto Saxophone

A New Tune a Day book

A New Tune a Day focus on exactly that principle – playing a new tune every day is essential to progress! This is a very popular tutor for older players, helping them progress quickly and feel satisfaction with their playing.

Available for Flute, Clarinet and Alto Saxophone

Abracadabra series books

The Abracadabra series are among our best-selling titles! The woodwind series are particularly popular, guiding students through the unique challenges particular to their instruments with ease!

Available for Bassoon, Oboe, Clarinet, Flute and Alto Saxophone.

BBasics Series books

Basics Series: This is a well-paced, gradual tutor which is suited to a slightly younger beginner as well as older! These books are fun and engaging, featuring lots of variety to engage players.

Available for Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon and Alto Saxophone.

Abracadabra series tutors
The Abracadabra series is particularly popular for beginning brass players, featuring fun tunes, clear visuals and a step-by-step process to developing proficiency on the instrument!

Available in treble clef brass, bass clef brass, trumpet & french horn!

A New Tune a Day book

A New Tune a Day is a wonderful series based on the idea of fun daily practice! This book guides students through their development with fun songs and other activities to keep them excited.

Available for trumpet and trombone.

Team Brass books

Team Brass is a classic tutor – it’s been a best-seller for years! This tried-and-tested method guides older students through early stages of learning whether it’s alone or in groups. It’s flexible and fun and presents a huge variety of music for the fledgling player.

Available for trumpet/cornet, french horn & trombone/euphonium!

Abracadabra series tutors

“Abracadabra Recorder is an extensive series of books which included graded solo and multi-part songs and tunes starting with five-note tunes and working up to more challenging classics! Clear fingering diagrams and notation explanations are given at each stage.

Recorder From the Beginning tutor

Recorder From the Beginning is a fantastic tutor complete with CDs for easy learning! This book teaches young players in a stepwise fashion, laying the fundamentals of note-reading and rhythm as you progress on the instrument. There are also lots of supplementary books in the series!

Razzamajazz tutor

Razzamajazz is a super fun tutor designed for classroom and individual use! It’s got loads of wonderful tunes which students will love to play, helping their speedy progress along.
Guitar Tutors

The Guitarist’s Way tutors
The Guitarist’s Way is a favourite and doubtless has been used by thousands of pupils! It’s a well-paced tutor with lots of fun music designed to develop strong technique in both hands.

Guitar Basics tutor

Guitar Basics is a very popular tutor for a young beginner! It’s jam-packed full of tunes both familiar and new. It includes sections on reading stave notation as well as TAB for a versatile player.

A New Tune a Day tutor

A New Tune a Day is a wonderful tutor for a slightly older beginner and can even be used to teach yourself the instrument, if you’re keen! It covers a wide variety of music and teaches both traditional and TAB notation.
Hal Leonard guitar tutors

<Hal Leonard have a huge range of guitar tutors! The Guitar Method Series
is available in several volumes. They also have a series of books on
hal-leonard-guitar-method-jazz-guitar/jazz and hal-leonard-guitar-method-blues-guitar/blues – you can’t go wrong with these books!

Ultimate Guitar tutor

The Ultimate Guitar Tutor provides a comprehensive introduction to playing the guitar. Suitable for acoustic or electric guitar, the step-by-step approach means no prior knowledge of music is necessary. It features an introduction to TAB and standard notation; essential guitar techniques including tuning, power chords, barre chords and more!

Justin Guitar tutor

The Justin Guitar tutor series provides a wide range of in-depth books for rock and pop playing. These volumes have lots of popular songs and encourage quick independent learning on the instrument. They’re clear and full of useful information to support your development but are also flexible enough that they can be customized to your goals!